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This summer Galway Cathedral underwent a lighting facelift, investing in new a LED lighting system to illuminate the building from all angles. The cost of this project is €10,000 and Galway Cathedral is hoping that the venture can be crowd-funded.

Fr Peter Rabbitte, parish priest of Galway Cathedral, explains:

"We realise the importance of this building to Galway, for religious and for tourism reasons. The church is steeped in history and this year alone we have seen thousands of visitors here. We want to showcase Galway Cathedral 24 hours a day, so that even tourists or local people who are passing it will really get to see it. Galway Cathedral takes on a different look depending on light, weather and how it is captured on camera. We want to invest in the building so people who visit at any time of the year, by day or passing at night, get to appreciate its stature and beauty."

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