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This page concerns the baptism of children. If you are an adult and are seeking to be baptised yourself, please contact the Diocesan Office.

Baptisms of children at Galway Cathedral are by arrangement, and take place on Sundays immediately following the 12:30pm mass - usually at about 1:30pm.

Baptisms should take place in the parish in which the child's family is resident. If the family is not resident within the Cathedral parish and you still wish your child to be baptised in the Cathedral, we require a letter from your parish priest giving permission for the baptism to take place outside his parish.

At least four weeks' notice is required. Once the Cathedral office has been notified, a member of the Cathedral Baptismal Team will make arrangements to meet the family.

For further information or to arrange a baptism, please contact the Cathedral office. The necessary form to request the sacrament of Baptism for your child is available here.