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Galway Cathedral holds baptismal & marriage records dating back to the nineteenth century. While genealogical queries are welcome, please bear in mind that the Cathedral is not a central repository for church records; instead, sacramental records are kept in individual parishes.

Searching old records can take a considerable amount of time, as it involves hand-searching old and faded handwritten records. We do not have staff or resources for speculative searches, so responding to such requests cannot be a priority for us.

Records held in the Cathedral

The sacramental records held in Galway Cathedral include:

  • Baptismal, confirmation and marriage records for the Cathedral parish (a small region in Galway city) from the 1960s onwards.
  • Baptismal and marriage records for the southern and western regions of Galway city from the nineteenth century up to the 1960s.

A fee applies to all genealogical searches undertaken.

Please see also the section titled Genealogy Queries on the archive page of the website of the Diocese of Galway.